Wyatt Earp: Shitbag

Jan Crouch

The House That Bled, 1987 Atlanta Georgia

1930's Pennsylvania Housewife Psychically Channels Hens

French TV Tricks Public With Fake "Paranormal" Accounts

Indiana Oil Pit Squids of 1996

Who Put Bella In The Witch Elm?

The Hand of Glory and Magic Baby Finger Candles


Denver Int'l Airport: A Conspiracy Theorist's Dream Come True

El Chupacabra

Hotel Marmont Bungalow #3

The Indiana Jones of Olney, Illinois

List of Hollywood Death Sites

Goat Boy Phenomenon

Gallery of Generic Foods and Beverages


The Drag Queen with a Mummy in Her Closet

b/tards and r/spacedicks


Hitler's Wax Dummy

Kiyoko Matsumoto

Aleistar Crowley Might Actually Be George W. Bush's Grandfather

Gary Webb

Secret Houston Illuminati Hotel Room




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